The joy of learning never ends!

Adult role models are encouraged to help kids experience the joy!

Learn English.

Learn the letter/sound of AW and AU as in AWesome and AUgust!

A Dippy Double is a diphthong. Two vowels next to each other might be a Dippy Double sound.

Say these words: out elf pawn own town audit awful

When you hear /aw/ say it, sing it andspin around!!

How many times did you spin?
Click theprawn to sing the DIPPY DOUBLE song!! What two vowels make the Dippy Double?

Click to learn the songs!

*Are you learning how to SPELL/WRITE all 44 SOUNDS?

Sample notes to adults:

Let the Turtle Trio teach your children how to sing SOUNDSENSE!

It's LOGICAL, affordable FUN!!

SOUNDSENSE is based on Musical Language.

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Click the drum to buy the affordable, digital download of musical samples! They are compatible with any major reading program on the market.